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Assistive Technology

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The committee’s mission is to develop and implement assistive technology (AT) statewide policies and procedures for individuals from birth through age 21, including AT documentation in the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and 504 plan. The goal is to increase thoughtful consideration of the role of AT in student achievement.


The committee is dedicated to success by setting high-achieving goals, collaboratively planning the steps required to achieve these goals, and effectively implementing a yearly plan. The Maryland AT Guide — along with the policy changes to the Maryland Online IEP and corresponding professional development resources and materials — helps us to achieve these goals.

  • To produce uniform guidelines on AT documentation in the IEP: Maryland Assistive Technology Guide: Documenting Assistive Technology in the IEP
  • To update the Maryland Online IEP
  • To recommend policy changes concerning documentation of AT devices and services
  • To provide high quality, ongoing professional development for our local school systems through a cohort class on the changing role of AT
  • To provide a statewide, cloud-based meeting tool for increased collaboration and professional development


The 2019 Assistive Technology Guide

The Assistive Technology Guide supports the overarching goal of the MSDE DEI/SES to narrow the school readiness and achievement gap between children and youth with disabilities and their non-disabled peers. In an effort to reach this goal, the AT Guide was written to provide recommendations for improving practices for considering and documenting assistive technology in the IEP in order to:

  1. produce uniform guidelines on AT documentation in the IEP
  2. update the Maryland IEP
  3. make policy changes concerning documentation of AT devices and services.

These significant AT policy changes, combined with revisions to the Maryland Online IEP tool, allow for a consistent process of documenting AT devices and services in IEPs.


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The Maryland Assistive Technology Network (MATN) connects educators, families, policymakers, and leaders who are committed to using assistive and accessible technology to support learners with diverse needs. We support inclusive learning and increased independence through the exchange of ideas around technology tools, services, and processes, and strive to bring assistive technology to the forefront of education.  MATN is a service of the Johns Hopkins University, Center for Technology in Education (JHU CTE).

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MATN offers a variety of trainings, institutes, and webinars throughout the year on current trends in assistive and accessible technology. Through these events, educators, families, and educational leaders come together to learn about the latest information and advancements in technology aimed at supporting learners and individuals with diverse needs.

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mATch-up is a web-based tool designed to provide samples of assistive technology to professionals and families. It is part of a larger, more comprehensive process that helps people with disabilities consider and implement the type of assistive technology that’s best for them.