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Webinar Series: Constructs of Quality Intervention

Woman holding child speaking with a coach

Presented by Dr. Naomi Younggren
International Early Childhood Expert

During this most challenging time of COVID-19 uncertainty, it is no easy feat to support families with continued intervention support and services. Yet, if we back up just a bit and consider some constructs of quality intervention, we might see that providing visits via technology may not be that different. In this six-part webinar series we revisit and briefly review the following constructs of quality intervention that are an important part of both in person and technology based ongoing early intervention support and services.

Each of the following mini webinars highlight best practices, include practice questions and activities, reference considerations for remote service delivery, wrap up with extended learning opportunities to further explore and enhance service delivery practices.

  1. Having good functional IFSP outcomes based on family concerns (17 minutes)
  2. Using good functional IFSP outcomes to guide ongoing intervention (10 minutes)
  3. Engaging families and focusing on intervention strategies with families (12 minutes)
  4. Applying principles of adult learning (9 minutes)
  5. Using effective conversation skills (11 minutes)
  6. Efficiently documenting and monitoring progress (8 minutes)

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