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Navigating compensatory education / recovery services during the COVID-19 pandemic: A parents’ guide

Father holding daughter's hand as they go to school

If a child has not received the special education services they require, they may be entitled to compensatory education / recovery services. These services may make up for skills or progress lost during the pandemic. They are determined by the Local School System / Public Agency (LSS / PA), who will take each child’s needs and circumstances into consideration.

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services has created A Parent’s Guide: Navigating Compensatory Education / Recovery Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic* to explain how compensatory education / recovery services are determined for children with IEPs and IFSPs.

Determining compensatory education / recovery services is complex, but there needs to be a system in place. How each school system works with families might look a little different, but this process is designed to help school systems approach this very complicated task to support all of our children with IEPs and IFSPs and give parents a voice in the process.

*This pdf is not 100% accessible and is not a required resource.

Access the guide.

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