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Hearing Aids

Young girl with a hearing aid

Hearing Aids from the Loan Bank provide immediate access while families pursue permanent personal amplification via insurance or other means.  A variety of models and types of hearing aids, including behind the ear aids, bone conduction devices, and a Bi-Cross system, are available for loan

Hearing Aid Loan process:

  • Download the application. The family and the audiologist each complete portions of the application.
  • Return the completed application, along with required documentation (including audiogram and medical clearance) by fax (410-333-0298) or e-mail ([email protected]).
  • The Loan Bank audiologist will coordinate with the family’s audiologist to select the appropriate device(s) for the child from the inventory.  The Loan Bank sends the hearing aid(s) to the requesting audiologist for programming and fitting (including obtaining ear molds, if required).
  • The family or audiologist returns the hearing aids to the Loan Bank at the end of the 12-month loan period (or when no longer needed because the family has obtained permanent amplification).  If needed, the family may submit a request for loan extension.

Formulario de solicitud de préstamo para audífonos
Formulario de extensión de préstamo de audífonos

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