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All About Me: A fillable sheet to support your child across service delivery models

A mother and child welcomed by a teacher outside of a classroom in front of blue lockers

For any child, transitions can be difficult. At the start of the school year, children are transitioning to school after summer break. A transition happens when a child returns to the school building after virtual learning, or from the school building to learning in the home. For students with disabilities, services are continuously provided across service delivery models as identified in your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). However, teachers will benefit from up-to-date information about your child during these times of transition and change.

The All About Me template is designed to help promote a smooth transition for your child, and improve communication between you and your child’s teachers. You will be able to complete open fields and then download the template to share with your child’s teachers. You or your child can share the completed template with the teachers in the first few weeks of the school year, or anytime your child is experiencing a change in their learning environment.

You are encouraged to complete this questionnaire with your child, when possible. There are versions for a younger child and for an older, school-aged child, along with examples and tips for completing each part. Use the links to download your own template. PDF documents are available if you prefer to print and complete a hard copy in writing. Microsoft Word documents are available if you prefer to download and type in responses. Use the slider to review sample answers for both younger and older students.

Access the sheets.

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