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The Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio

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The transition from high school to college or employment can be an overwhelming and challenging time for students with disabilities and their families. Students face specific challenges in the transition from familiar special education services provided in middle and high school to the changing scope of these services in the workplace, in post-secondary education or higher education. 

To proactively support this transition, the Maryland State Department of Education’s Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services developed the Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio. Students with disabilities in Maryland who are 14 or older can use the digital portfolio to actively engage in transition goals and activities developed during the IEP process, build employment skills, and document work experiences. The Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio tells the unique story of each student and:

  • Supports multiple learning styles
  • Encourages self-determination, self-reflection, and self-advocacy
  • Allows students to document personal growth to promote motivation and self-confidence
  • Provides a strengths-based perspective

To read about the portfolio tasks available in the Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio visit Portfolio Structure and Age Mapping*.

*This pdf is not 100% accessible and is not a required resource.

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