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The Way to Work: Professional Development Tool

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The Way to Work: Professional Development Tool is a self-paced and interactive online professional development tool which will enable transition professionals to gain skills and knowledge to facilitate the participation of students and youth with disabilities in community-based work experiences and jobs.

Three reasons why it is important:

  • Work experiences during high school are the strongest predictors of post school employment for students with disabilities.
  • The Maryland State Department of Education has made increasing work experiences for high school students with disabilities a priority goal.
  • The ability of students to access and succeed in work experiences requires skilled education professionals and their community partners.

Key features:

  • Self-paced learning
  • Any time online access
  • Eight skill building sessions that show how to:
    • plan for student-centered work experiences
    • collaborate with families and other professionals for implementing work experiences
    • negotiate with employers for work experiences
    • support students in the workplace
  • Directions in each session for building and applying in-the-field skills
  • Live support and feedback from an experienced coach
  • Professional certification for completing the eight sessions

Register here.

For more information and to register, contact Marie Parker Harvey at [email protected], or visit

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