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Transition to Career

For students who are planning to go directly from their public education to the world of employment, there is much that can be done during their public education to prepare for this transition:

  • The IEP team can connect students to pre-vocational and vocational services (from private agencies and public ones like the Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services – DORS) that will help prepare them for work and build relationships that will be essential in their post-secondary school lives.
  • The IEP team can connect the student with real-world work experiences and real-world workers who can provide the student with invaluable information about their career paths.
  • The IEP team can work with the student on his or her self-advocacy skills which are essential for everyone in the workplace, but especially for people with disabilities.

And again, while a student is likely to be eligible for similar services to these after completing his or her public education, it makes sense to take advantage of the public education services while the student is still entitled to them.

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